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Chimney Sweep Services

The times of old and sending little boys up the chimney is long gone fortunately, today its all about modern advanced equipment, clean working practices, professional certificates,  Chimney safety testing, Inspecting and of course cleaning the flue and chimney!


• Confidence that its safe
• All flammable material/debris will be removed, Including nests
• Soot removed carefully that could lead to a blockage or soot fall

During our appointment we will carry out other tasks to ensure your chimney is safe to use;

Included in the cost to complete our job safely cleanly with a great deal of professionalism
We carry out a smoke draw test, CO alarm test, Ventilation check and other risk assessments in relation to your flue/chimney and appliance weather

Upon payment we will then discuss any faults we have found and remedial action to make safe for the fire use.

If you have any questions we you can call us 01904 758 808 or simply send an email to [email protected]

Servicing Chimneys around a 25 mile radius of York.

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chimney sweep in york
chimney sweep in york
chimney sweep in york

Why Choose Us!

  • We completely seal off the fireplace or stove.
  • We use robust denim covers to cover the immediate area.
  • A special sheet then surrounds the opening and is taped.
  • Rods are then inserted through the flap.
  • The cleaning then begins.