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If you have appliances in you’re home or workplace such as central heating systems using gas, solid fuel and oil. Open fires using gas or fires using coal and wood, which may have not been maintained or poorly fitted, its possible that carbon monoxide could be present, that’s why our chimney sweeps recommend you stay safe with carbon monoxide detectors.

You may find snippets through out our website expressing our concerns of how carbon monoxide is a silent killer, it isn’t to scare you but to ensure you keep yourself and anyone you pass this message on to safe.

You need to remember you can’t smell it or see it, download our safety leaflet it will help you understand a little more regarding the safety of you chimney.

Working on chimneys for years we have come across many case studies where there has been a large build up of creosote in the chimney blocking the chimney preventing the effectiveness of the chimney – if its an open fire the smoke can spill back into the room causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you are starting to feel dizzy, weak, upset stomach, vomiting and chest pain, it’s said that it’s similar to flu symptoms. The symptoms sometimes happen to many people however linked just down to them been unwell, just call us if you are unsure.

If you have been maintaining the appliances and fires that will help, if you need to book a sweep just simply get in touch.

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Carbon Monoxide : The Silent Killer

Our Chimney Sweeps at fully swept fully recommends you have a carbon monoxide detector installed, as your probably aware carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless, tasteless and is a gas which is poisonous.

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