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Creosote tar removal

So many customers are completly are unaware of creosote build up with the chimney or flue, the build up of creostote can cause severe consequesces take a look at the images below of what it can look like.

Q.What is creosote?
A. Creosote is the product from Incomplete combustion and clings to the inside of your flue often giving off an acrid smell Its black its hard and its shiney

Q. Why should we remove it?
A. Creosote is one of the main causes of chimney fires and has the potencial to rot flue liners or expand and block the flue completely

Q. How do you remove it?
A. We give the coating of A chemical called cre-away, this removes the moisture
In tar and creosote which then dehydrates it to make it expand then once this has been activated with regular hot fires for a couple of weeks can be removed with our rotary sweeping techniques.

Q. Does it have to be a chemical treatment?
A. Most of the time yes, however on certain flues we can use chemical free solutions to remove it.

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Creosote tar removal york
Creosote tar removal york
Creosote tar removal york
Creosote tar removal york
Creosote tar removal york

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  • We completely seal off the fireplace or stove.
  • We use robust denim covers to cover the immediate area.
  • A special sheet then surrounds the opening and is taped.
  • Rods are then inserted through the flap.
  • The cleaning then begins.