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We Take Your Safety Seriously

We recommend you have a Full Sweep at Least once per year moderate use – We can advise if interim sweeps are required dependent on use – you will receive an Insurance approved Sweep Safe Certificate (On completion).

Open Fire CHIMNEY SWEEP £70.00
Stove CHIMNEY SWEEP Lined or twin wall £70.00
Stove CHIMNEY SWEEP unlined with access panel £90.00
Brick Opening/Inglenook –  £90.00
Stove Sweep & Service (lined) £150.00
Stove Sweep & Service (unlined) £170.00
Birds Nest removal (1.5 hours) from £130.00
Cowls supplied & fitted from £150.00
Chimney caps supplied & fitted from £100.00
Chimney and stoves parts and repairs call for Quotation
Buying or selling your house and requiring full Hetas landlords certificate/inspection Includes CCTV and pressure test £330
(This can usually take a few hours)

Please note charges will apply in the event of; Call out for unsafe appliances, no sweeping access, and A customer no show – charged from £40

Our Sweeping Process 

Traditionally chimney sweeping is seen as a dirty job, and in fact we have heard some stories where this may be the case however we take the time required to make a no fuss no mess approach.

Let us explain the steps we take to ensure that there is no mess in your home.

  1. We completely seal off the fireplace or stove.
  2. We use robust denim covers to cover the immediate area.
  3. A special sheet then surrounds the opening and is taped.
  4. Rods are then inserted through the flap.
  5. The cleaning then begins.
  6. A Smoke test is carried out to ensure the draw of smoke carries through.
  7. A Sweep Safe Certified Certificate will be completed and a date for the next recommended sweep to be carried out will be issued.


If you want to pay for a sweep for a member of a family or friend as a gift, you can purchase  online we will contact them to arrange what is required to be carried out, the link below will take you to our online shop, keep a look for new products been added to keep you and your friends and family safe.

Fully Swept Q & A

What do I need to do the fire before the chimney is swept.

It is preferred that any old coals or wood is removed but not essential.

Will you carry a smoke draw test?

Yes we carry out smoke test, this will test the draw within the flue.

Will I receive any documentation to state what has been completed?

You will receive a Certified Document from our Sweep Safe Certified Chimney Sweep detailing the work carried out and the next recommended chimney sweep date.


Carbon Monoxide : The Silent Killer

Our Chimney Sweeps at fully swept fully recommends you have a carbon monoxide detector installed, as your probably aware carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless, tasteless and is a gas which is poisonous.

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