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What causes a chimney fire?


What causes a chimney fire? The primary causes of a chimney fire are; - Improper appliance sizing - Burning wet wood - Infrequent sweeping / cleaning - Overnight wood burning for long periods in wood stoves. The UK government is phasing out the sale of wet wood as not only is it a fire hazard but it is a [...]

Can I burn treated timber plywood mdf or chipboard or pallets on my chiminea open fire or stove?


Staying Safe With Fully Swept Can I burn treated timber plywood mdf or chipboard or pallets on my Chiminea open fire or stove? This is a question Will from Fullyswept (chimney sweep in york) is often asked! The simple answer is no not at all because Tanalised timber products contain chemicals copper, chromium and arsenic and Mdf [...]

Are Eco logs any good?


Are Eco logs any good? Will from Fullyswept who is a chimney sweep in york finds out! Eco logs are good and bad so first lets look at the good, They can be kg for kg cheaper than wood depending on how you source your wood logs They are far easier to transport than wood logs They [...]

Chimney Sweep During Lockdown…


Stay Safe With Fully Swept Coronavirus and Chimney Sweeping and What Does It Mean? As the lockdown continues and the mixed messages continue regarding working in peoples homes is leaving many sweeps in a what can I do now situation, Fully swept are looking at the safety aspects of soot carcinogen COVID-19 risks both to the customers [...]

Chimney Sweep In York


Chimney sweep in York Safety a First with Fully Swept I thought I would share with you my thoughts over the past few months being a fully accredited chimney sweep in York, on safety and stove use as the darker and colder nights come to us. York is such a beautiful historic town full of so many stunning buildings, [...]

What should it cost to sweep a chimney?


Are you paying too much or too little? What should it cost to sweep a chimney? Let’s start by looking at the most important things; • What type of flue do you have? • Is it an open fire a wood burner or even a multi fuel stove? • Are you looking for a sweep trained in the best [...]

Carbon Monoxide : The Silent Killer

Our Chimney Sweeps at fully swept fully recommends you have a carbon monoxide detector installed, as your probably aware carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless, tasteless and is a gas which is poisonous.

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