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Are Eco logs any good?

Will from Fullyswept who is a chimney sweep in york finds out!

Eco logs are good and bad so first lets look at the good,

  • They can be kg for kg cheaper than wood depending on how you source your wood logs
  • They are far easier to transport than wood logs
  • They take up far less storage room than wood logs
  • They can be easier to light than wood logs
  • They give less ash than wood logs
  • They give more heat per kg than wood logs
  • If stored properly they can retain the very low moisture content
  • Far less chance of creosote if used properly

Now lets look at the bad;

  • Eco logs are a bit too mundane and boring to look at
  • Eco logs don’t give the same aroma as nice wood logs

Due to the fact that eco logs are compressed waste wood or even the waste from the manufacture
Of biomass pellets they are in my view very green and sustainable this is very important to me

You will also use them differently on your stove due to the much higher calorific value if you think
These are made under extreme pressure so think of it as a sweetener rather than a spoon of sugar,

You wouldn’t put a full teaspoon of sweetners in your morning coffee because it would be too sweet
Or a pile of eco logs in your stove because it would be too hot!!!

For the eco logs I have been using this last season I did find them easy to light without kindling, just place a few in the stove with a firefighter in between ensuring you have a small gap of air, however with the flame still on the eco logs air controls fully open with the door initially ajar same as wood.

I do have a very good quality stove and some models will vary to this, last season I did an experiment and incorrectly used my stove and doing everything I tell my customers Of Fullyswept in York not to do to see the results in my flue.

The results are amazing as I expected creosote and all I had was soot nice fluffy soot unexpected!


In most stoves once the fire has taken hold you will be able to close down the air controls but you should always
Try to practice proper burning.

The Eco logs I have been buying are from Croft Logs in Flaxton York

This blog is for guidance only
Will Taylor
Chimney sweep York

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