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Stay Safe With Fully Swept

Coronavirus and Chimney Sweeping and What Does It Mean?

As the lockdown continues and the mixed messages continue regarding working in peoples homes is leaving many sweeps in a what can I do now situation, Fully swept are looking at the safety aspects of soot carcinogen COVID-19 risks both to the customers and the sweeps alike.

As many of our customers that know us and expect nothing but the best from this chimney sweep in york has been investing heavily in PAPR (Powered air-purifying respirators).


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Fullyswept have decided to purchase both of the above units meaning that we are safe from soot carcinogen and we/the customer are at a very much reduced risk of any virus being passed over in either direction.

We also strongly advise that any sweeps turning up at your door without the correct safety kit are turned away due to substandard equipment and putting lives at risk!

As some chimney sweeps near york charge a call-out fee I would also like to give you confidence that these call-out fees are NOT enforceable should the chimney sweep be ill-equipped and without all the correct safety measures in place such as;

1. Half masks are inadequate.
2. Half masks collect condensate.
3. Half masks have limited use. (Not suitable for all-day)
4. It’s possible to blow condensate through many Half masks. (Increasing virus spread)

We are still doing emergency sweeps when the appliance is your only heat source or if your boiler has failed and can’t be repaired for whatever reason but due to the coronavirus, we will be charging slightly more due to the increased PPE.

Every job will have a chimney sweep in a fresh disposal suit and fresh overshoes using fresh clean sheets that will have been boil washed.

We ask that no customers of fully swept are in the same room at the time the work is carried out nor are there any children or pets (this is a smart move increasing safety measures and adhering to the social distancing guidelines).

Already we have many fire services throughout the country asking chimney sweeps to keep working as recently there has been a rise in chimney fires because as many people are in lockdown they are still using fires.

Chimney sweep york (Fully Swept) fully anticipate we will be back working in September again servicing all our clients but with increased PPE should this virus still be with us we will be classed as key workers.

We are also still taking calls sweeping biomass and commercial boilers in remote locations in and around Yorkshire and as always we are on hand to give advice.

As many know Will Taylor that runs Fully Swept is also a Sweep Safe area assessor and trainer for Yorkshire and the northeast region of England and is a registered Hetas sweep and a registered Hetas installer on the last count of chimney sweeps in york.

I managed to find 38 sweeps! Some good some not so good as in any trade however the good sweeps (relief sweeps) do help with the growing workload through the season and fortunately, some do call upon us for help with difficult problematic jobs or pass on our details as necessary.

Stay Safe with Fully Swept
(Wash hands & Stay home)

Will Taylor (chimney sweep)
Sweep safe assessor & trainer
Hetas Sweep Hetas installer

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