Chimney sweep in York

Safety a First with Fully Swept

I thought I would share with you my thoughts over the past few months being a fully accredited chimney sweep in York, on safety and stove use as the darker and colder nights come to us.

York is such a beautiful historic town full of so many stunning buildings, I have the pleasure of sweeping in. I enter many modern and traditional houses with open fires and log burners, some in need of repair, smoke-filled rooms caused by blocked chimneys, high amounts of tar present caused by incorrect stove use to mention a few of the issues seen.

On some occasions when I think I am carrying out a routine chimney sweep of any working today, it may not always be possible for me to complete it, due an unsafe installation, I do feel genuinely upset for new customers when this happens, especially when a previous York chimney sweep has carried out a chimney sweep prior!

A phrase I come across from time to time is I have found someone cheaper, my father says by cheap by twice, not sure this goes for all things, however, when safety is paramount, 101 of my 5-star reviews on google say that too.

I’m extremely proud to achieve that this year, as I know sometimes it can be difficult giving news that a job may take longer, be postponed or can not be completed due to a safety issue. However, so many clients have taken the time out to let me know how I am getting on, here are a couple of my favourite ones…

(1) 5 star Google Review for Chimney Sweep in the York Area

“In anticipation of dust and mess we covered the room in dust sheets and removed items, the experience of other sweeps had taught us this.
On his arrival, Will found this to be somewhat over zealous, as indeed it turned out.
In a methodical, thorough and reassuringly professional way the job was completed and with a personal amount of pride by Will, no mess.
Questions regarding installation and maintenance were freely answered with solutions offered. A true craftsmen who takes pride in his job.
Will’s five-star rating hugely deserved.”

(2) 5 -star Google Review for Chimney Sweep in the York Area
Excellent professional service arrived on time and no dust. Offered valuable advice and recommendations. Very reasonable prices. Would highly recommend and will be using them again, hence the 5 stars

Many more genuine 5 star reviews on google, yell, facebook, Thompson and many others.

Unfortunately, I would say on so many occasions many of the houses I go in, do not have fire alarms, smoke detectors or even Carbon Monoxide alarms, leaving a huge risk to the occupiers – Please Take Action Now!

Even in our own town of York, you will have heard so many stories where fires have broken out and caused huge damage not to mention the health implications.

So please look after your elderly or vulnerable neighbours, I believe that many of these are affordable and some can be picked up for free.

Hope you found this interesting, so next time, someone is looking for a chimney sweep in York, I would appreciate the recommendation as many customers do.

Stay Safe…

Will Taylor
Fully Swept Chimney Sweep
Sweep Safe Accredited
Sweep Safe Assessor
Hetas Registered
Celebrating 20 Years of Chimney Sweeping In York.