Are you paying too much or too little?

What should it cost to sweep a chimney?

Let’s start by looking at the most important things;

• What type of flue do you have?
• Is it an open fire a wood burner or even a multi fuel stove?
• Are you looking for a sweep trained in the best ways to sweep all appliances?
• How far away do you live from the chimney sweep; this may impact with travel costs?
• How clean is the chimney sweep?  There is no reason why the chimney sweep should be covered in soot, or not leaving your property as it was found “Clean”.
• Should I get a certificate? Yes you should, as this is often a household insurance requirement.
• Can they sweep just the one flue at your property or multiple flues?
Depending on the location and time allocated, multiple stoves/sweeps and can be swept in the same day.

What will be charged for just one swept chimney?
As a general rule of thumb a professional chimney sweep will cost between £50 and £90 for a one off flue or stove swept within a distance of around 25 miles from your home or place of business.

How long will the stove or flue take to sweep?
It should take around 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the job professionally and putting all the safety inspections and smoke draw tests in place.

Will discounts be available for multiple stoves or flue sweeps?
Some chimney sweeps may offer discounts if sweeping multiple stoves or flues.
We offer discounts for multiple sweeps and discounts local in York call to find out more, or click here to see if you qualify.

Going Cheap – Is It Safe?
We often hear of the very low budget sweep being between £20-£30 and yes that’s a really cheap deal on the surface however they are usually in and out like a whirlwind within half an hour or less, sometimes leaving a dusty mess behind them.
Often the chimney sweep is not covered by public liability and certainly not members of professional organisations see what can happen with the build up of creosote blog we posted earlier…

Things to consider about your Chimney Sweep…
• Do they have a good online reputation?
• Do they cover most or all aspects of sweeping, maintenance, roof work,
• Check what customers say about them. You can see our feedback in our genuine testimonials, or just put fully swept chimney sweep into Google, you will see Fully Swept Chimney Sweeping Services rated 10 out of 10 check a trade and rated 5 stars on Google and see Facebook.

Why may it cost from £50 to sweep a chimney or flue…

• A registered chimney sweep may have paid around £300 to be a member of an organisation that trains and reviews them (including insurance)
• A chimney sweep may have £2000- £3000 pounds worth of equipment that has to be maintained often.
• Work clothes to keep fresh and laundered
• General running costs, fuel, tax national insurance, and suddenly it all makes sense on the cost of a professional chimney sweep.

If you have any questions you can call us , look out for our next blog about smoke testing…

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