Stay Safe With Fully Swept – Have Your Chimney Swept This Spring?

Having your chimney swept is not just a winter task, it’s really important that your chimney is maintained. After each time the fire is used, deposits are left in the flue and start to cause a process of corrosion. The corrosive deposits if left sitting in your flue start to breakdown sand and cement and causing damage to the stainless steel flue.

Stainless steel flue liners can start to deteriorate after a very short time even though they are designed for use with wood burning and smokeless coal, to ensure you don’t cause any mild acid do not burn these fuels together.

Have you ever heard of a Soot fall?

These can happen at anytime! As chimneys are rarely built 100 percent vertical you do often have a slight shelf for soot debris, loose lining and creosote.

Nesting material can collect and sit all through the summer, creosote can start to dry out and harden! However the damaging acid beneath the tar and creosote is very much active and can become pungent.

We also have clients who have gas fires swept out due to build up of cobwebs, they take on a small covering of atmospheric dust, that can cap your flue blocking it completely.

Please ensure you are using a carbon monoxide alarm – Stay Safe With Fully Swept.

When we carry out our chimney sweeps, we also carry out a smoke draw test and inspection of the chimney and flue, this is also useful to look out for any potential hazards or issues that could arise.

Having the chimney swept during the spring/summer has a huge advantage, it gives you the chance to have any chimney work to be carried out, without leaving the flue open to colder elements.

It is recommended to have your chimney swept annually if used for occasional use. If Biomass once a year Gas/oil once a year and house coal twice a year and all wood burning quarterly when in use!

In summary;

Don’t wait to long to have your chimney swept, to avoid;

Soot falls

Build up of creosote

Blocked flues

And to confirm, we carry out and provide;

Full Chimney Sweep & Inspection, Maintenance if Required

Confirmation in the form of A Sweep Certificate

Smoke tests

Chimney Inspections

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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