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Can I burn treated timber plywood mdf or chipboard or pallets on my Chiminea open fire or stove?

This is a question Will from Fullyswept (chimney sweep in york) is often asked!

The simple answer is no not at all because Tanalised timber products contain chemicals copper, chromium and arsenic and Mdf chipboard melamine and plywood contain Urea-formaldehyde (used for embalming humans) and biocides.

Thankfully we now have more regulations in place with Tanalised timber containing very small amounts or no arsenic and Mdf chipboards etc are being changed to polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (PMDI)

Unfortunately, as quite a few timber products come from overseas who actually knows what other agents are in them and with The chemicals only being changed within the last few years who knows what is actually in them?

So why is the above so important when you just want to burn it right?
Well the simple answer is that all the chemicals in these products are released into the atmosphere when you burn them
So the best thing you can do is read the COSHH statement and dispose of the unwanted timber responsibly

Pallets, when using for kindling or even using for projects around the home you MUST learn how to read coding
You will see codes such as GB-FC0798 this means it’s from the Uk
DB-HT means debarked heat-treated and safe
DB-KD means debarked kiln dried and safe
DB-MB means debarked methyl bromide unsafe do not use
Pallets with no markings are usually single-use for builders merchants and safe

Always use your solid fuel appliances responsibly and check with your chimney sweep if you have any
The information is for guidance purposes created by Fullyswept (chimney sweep in york)


Stay Safe with Fully Swept
(Wash hands & Stay home)

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